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Organizational Wellbeing

organizational wellbeing from seed and soil coaching

Are you… 

At an inflection point of growth and change in your organization? 

Looking to uplevel your meetings or offsites so that insights turn to actions? 

Seeking learning and development to address specific gaps or challenges your team or business face?

When we work together in Organizational Wellbeing, I will bring my skills and expertise in coaching as well as in facilitation, change management and leadership development to advise you on solutions for the unique needs you are facing. 

Book a FREE Discovery Call to clarify which of my services may support you best.

Eliza is a joy to work with - she is incredibly organized but yet flexible, able to draw on her deep experience to change up the game if needed. She has supported our team in developing our communication skills, performance management, planning, and level of accountability. She is great at using humor and her personal relatability to bring out the best in our motley crew. She has given us new tools without overwhelming us or using too much jargon. In short, she's been indispensable to our journey at Hama Hama over the past 5 years.


- Kendra James, President

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