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seed and soil coaching

Whole Human Development
with Eliza Connor

Seed and Soil Coaching helps leaders to develop the skills and awareness to take thoughtful, sustainable action toward fulfilling their highest potential.

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Meet Eliza, Founder & Principal Coach

Hi, I’m so glad that you’re here.


I’m Eliza, and I believe the world needs all of every single one of us.​​ I am here to help you claim why you are here and to activate the conditions for your highest potential to take root and thrive.


I have a decade of experience designing and leading comprehensive learning and development strategies for small start-ups to large global brands that produce transformational results. I have coached hundreds of leaders at all stages of personal and professional growth. And regardless of the complexity of a strategy, the level of leadership, the industry, or the unique individual circumstances, I have heard the unifying call for integrated, intersectional and inspired development: development designed for the whole human. 


I founded Seed and Soil Coaching for individuals, teams and organizations to meet at the intersection of personal and professional development, where by activating the unique power of individuals we generate more dynamic, resilient and inclusive teams and organizations.

Learn more about me...

Let's Work Together

All programs are highly customizable to meet your unique needs


Clarify goals, identify and remove obstacles and take empowered action toward your fullest potential.

Courses & Workshops

Learn and develop skills and tools that you can apply to transitions and challenges in all parts of life. 

Organizational Wellbeing

Partner with me to evaluate, advise on or design solutions for the cultural well-being at your organization.


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Both/And  |  I embrace the duality and multiplicity of every moment, recognizing the interdependent qualities within myself, my work, and at play in my clients. When I embrace both/and, I activate new solutions in an environment where all parts are welcome.

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