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coaching by eliza from seed and soil coaching

Are you ready to… 

Articulate and activate your unique strengths, values and purpose?

Overcome the constraints that are holding you back from growth and fulfillment? 

Make choices in your life that reflect who you are, what you believe in and what you deeply want?


You are right on time.

You are a Leader, not because your job title says so or because of how many hours you clock, but because you inherently believe your life is yours to lead.

As your coach, I will hold you responsible and resourceful for achieving the kind of growth and fulfillment you want now. Through tailored 1:1 exploration and activation of your values, purpose, goals, and the barriers to fulfilling them, I will challenge and champion you so that you may navigate the changes, challenges, and triumphs in your life in a way that reflects your whole humanness.

Accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) I have worked with hundreds of leaders at all levels - first-time managers, the start-up C-Suite, leadership in large corporations, and creative soul-centered entrepreneurs. In over twelve years of coaching, no matter how different the level of leadership, the goals or the lived is experience is between the leaders I work with, there is a shared desire to live a meaningful life with their values and beliefs authentically aligned with their actions.


The work of Seed and Soil Coaching is to activate and honor the space where your unique wisdom and potential can take root and thrive.

get coaching from Eliza-Eliza, over 15 years of experience

1:1 Coaching Packages

Four Sessions


Ten Sessions


90-Minute Power Session:


I aim to make my services accessible and supportive to all. If this pricing does not align with your needs, set up a discovery call and we can discuss!

Group Coaching 

 Group coaching is an opportunity for a team to deepen connection, strengthen team cohesion and generate & align on new solutions. Group coaching can be tailored to the unique needs of your team. Book a discovery call to discuss whether this is a valuable option for you!

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I cannot say enough about the value Eliza has brought to my life, work, personal relationships and overall well-being. I have engaged with Eliza’s coaching over the years as I lived through many major life events; Starting a new relationship and planning a commitment ceremony, transitioning careers, navigating family planning and infertility. Through it all, Eliza’s approach enabled me to center my goals and values, establish and uphold boundaries, and advocate for myself. I will continue to partner with Eliza through coaching anytime I am going through a life change or major milestone.



Director – Growth Initiatives, lululemon

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How It Works

Book a FREE Discovery Call so we can connect and learn whether we are a fit for what you need now. From there, we’ll align on the package that’s right for you and will schedule our session.

Ready to dive in? Book your FREE Discovery Call today!

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