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workshops and courses from seed and soil coaching

Do you… 

Want to add tools that can help you more effectively and authentically navigate change and challenge?

Want to share space with a group of like-minded conscious leaders?

Want to upskill your leadership at your own pace?

With over ten years of experience designing, implementing and scaling learning solutions at a Fortune500 company, I design every learning and development experience for sustainable transformation. I integrate my robust education with my years of experience in management and leadership development to build dynamic and thought provoking workshops. In my workshops and courses you will experience the influence from my training in topics and from teachers such as the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), Polarities in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown), Change Management (Cornell), Somatic Integrated Parts Work (Embody Lab), Instructional Design (Association for Talent Development) and Anti-Racism (Michelle C. Johnson).


I graduated from New York University where I attended the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts for Drama. I dedicated 20-30 hours a week for three years of my life to extensive personal development, challenging my lifetime of beliefs and stretching myself to explore and embody a world of perspectives beyond my own through an authentic ownership of who I am. This experience profoundly impacted me, leading me to understand that what I wanted more than ‘being an actor’ was to cultivate more spaces in the world where individuals and groups felt the freedom and structure to know themselves, accept themselves, express themselves, and co-create phenomenal products, experiences or results from that place.

Eliza from seed and soil coaching presenting her workshop on presonal development

Seed and Soil Workshops and Courses are designed to develop a deeper awareness and applicable skills to navigate change, transition, and human hood so you can be more effective and whole-hearted in all areas of life.

Seed and Soil Signature Workshops

The SOIL Series

In this multi-segment series, you will move through the SOIL method of personal growth to overcome persistent obstacles. By exploring the practices of Self Awareness, Ownership, Integrity and Letting Go, you will deepen your understanding of and relationship to your self while identifying action to take that will activate sustainable growth.

Cultivate community and learn alongside likeminded leaders in this unique and dynamic development series.

Resilience: Mindset + Skillset

Give yourself the chance to approach change from the rooted confidence that you have cultivated your skills in resilience on purpose.  In this workshop, you will learn and practice applying the three fundamental components that grow and develop resilience.

Fundamentals of Meaningful Communication

Arguably the most challenging part of being a human, communication can hold us back in actualizing our potential in all areas of our life. In this workshop, you will learn the ABCs of meaningful communication and have the chance to practice listening, bottom-lining and giving feedback.

Weed and Water: A Mindset Workshop

Are you stuck or ready to approach a challenge with a fresh perspective? In this workshop you will learn the power of identifying what is and is not within your control and the skill of identifying limiting versus empowering beliefs to help you align your behaviors and actions with the outcomes you want in your life. 

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I was drawn to Eliza's clear but spacious framing of transition in her Beliefs workshop. It provided me just the right amount of room to float, vision, dream -- letting go of narratives I was holding onto -- but I also felt held and expertly guided. I was amazed at how clarifying it was after just a short time. I surprised myself with what I uncovered and felt totally nourished by the experience.


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Do you see a workshop or workshop topic that your team or organization would benefit from? Book a call with me today to discuss how I can tailor a signature workshop for your leadership development needs.

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