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About Eliza

Eliza is a visionary leadership coach and dynamic facilitator with 15 years of experience working with individuals and teams to unlock transformative potential. She has coached more than 150 leaders – from C-suite to emerging – and designed and facilitated more than 2,500 hours of leadership training for teams around the world. 


With roots in improvisational theater and a rock solid track record of leadership results, Eliza is as comfortable working with entrepreneurs in the makeshift office of a brand-new start-up as she is onstage in front of thousands at a massive global company. She has been hand-picked to lead cultural transformation in the retail, tech, farming and wellness industries. She is known for her bright and welcoming presence, and sought for her ability to hear the unspoken to make people feel truly seen in all facets of her work. 

Eliza spent 12 years in leadership development at lululemon, most recently as Senior Learning and Leadership Partner. She got her start as a part-time entry-level sales associate; two years later she was managing $6M in business and a team of 20; soon after that, she was facilitating innovative leadership content for tens of thousands to drive behavior change. Over the course of her tenure, Eliza designed and facilitated vanguard learning systems and leadership approaches to support a rapidly growing global team and multi-billion dollar business.

Eliza-Eliza seed and soil whole human development coach

Eliza thrives in the face of change, which she views as an opportunity for deeper presence and personal growth. She has designed her life so as to remain open to opportunities that challenge and inspire new insights. Eliza is professionally trained in theater from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She’s camped across New Zealand working at apple orchards, studied theater in Ireland, taught improv to Nicaraguan street theater performers, and co-captained a 30-foot sailboat across the Caribbean, later living on that boat as she managed a Marina and worked as a local baker.

whole human development coaching - seed and soil coaching

More recent adventures have included motherhood and living and working full-time in an RV for the past year-plus. Wherever she goes, there she is: Eliza leads with a mastery in mindful improvisation. She is someone you want as your co-pilot as you navigate your own adventure – with or without a map. 


After more than a decade immersed in leadership, learning, and development, Eliza founded Seed and Soil Coaching with the vision of supporting whole human development: understanding that the full range of our life’s circumstances – whether expected or unexpected – provide fertile ground for growth and transformation. Her work is deeply rooted in her personal practices of mindfulness and ritual as well as a reverence for the magic of each moment.


Dynamic and sparkly on the surface, Eliza’s keel is a thousand feet deep. Her quick shifts and long-term journey mapping are guided with a grounded wisdom that no matter how the winds or waters change, she has what she needs to navigate toward a bright destination.

Let's work together! See which of my services works best for you.

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